IQM is a political-first programmatic media buying and voter intelligence platform.

Schema information

The schema information shows all report types you can use to extract data from IQM.

Setup guide

Follow our setup guide to connect IQM to Improvado.

  1. Click the Data Sources in the left navigation bar.
    Categories on the Data sources page group all available platforms. Use a search to find the required one.
  2. Click on the IQM tile.
  1. Authorize your account. Fill in the following required fields:
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Email
  • Password

Important: In order to get your Client ID and Client Secret, please contact IQM support.

Also, you can find the additional information here: IQM APIs

  1. After completing the connection process, IQM connection will appear in your Connected sources list.
  2. When the connection status is Active, and the account status column shows a number of accounts, you can move on to data extraction.
  1. To extract data from the connected sources, check the instruction on how to set up data extraction.




You can find information about the latest API changes in the official Release notes.

Frequently asked questions

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