AWS S3 - Troubleshooting

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Dec 18, 2023

While configuring your AWS S3, connection, you may encounter several issues. Understanding these common errors can help streamline the setup process and facilitate quick resolutions.

Access denied

  • Signature Does Not Match
  • General Access Denied
  • Credential Errors

Error message:

{%docs-informer error%} Access denied. Check your connection settings and permissions for the bucket. {%docs-informer-end%}

General Solution

Review and Correct Credentials:

  • Ensure your AWS credentials are accurate and have the necessary permissions. Check for typos or outdated information and update if necessary.

Verify Signature Method:

  • For signature mismatch issues, confirm that your request signing process adheres to AWS standards. Correct any errors in signature calculation.

Check Bucket Settings and Permissions:

  • Make sure your S3 bucket's settings and IAM permissions are configured correctly. Ensure that the IAM role or user has appropriate access rights (e.g., S3 Read/Write).

Refer to the Setup Guide Documentation

Wrong input data

  • Invalid AWS Access Key ID
  • Wrong bucket region
  • Wrong bucket name

Error messages:

{%docs-informer error%} "Invalid AWS Access Key ID. Check your connection settings and permissions for the bucket." "Wrong bucket region. Check your connection settings." "The specified bucket=```{bucket}``` does not exist" {%docs-informer-end%}

General Solution

Verify AWS Access Key ID:

  • Ensure that the AWS Access Key ID you are using is correct and active in your AWS account.

Check Bucket Region:

  • Confirm that the bucket's region matches the region specified in your request. Adjust the region in your settings if necessary.

Validate Bucket Name:

  • Double-check the name of the bucket you are trying to access. Make sure it exists and is spelled correctly in your request.

{%docs-informer info%} If none of the provided solutions worked, feel free to raise a request via the Service Desk {%docs-informer-end%}

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