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November 2021

New API integration

We have added a new provider:

Zignal Labs

  • Key metrics report type
  • Newsroom Stories report type

API changes

Google My Business

We have upgraded our Google My Business API to v4.9.

For more information, see Google My Business API documentation.

Pinterest Organic

We have expanded the functionality of generating accounts and now we create not only the main account, but also shared accounts.


Facebook's default attribution window has been changed to 7-day click or 1-day view for the campaigns created after September 23, 2021.

For more information, see Attribution Setting documentation.

New Report Types

These new report types are available for you from this month:

Google Analytics

  • User Gender report type
  • Ecommerce Campaign Cust Dim2 report type


  • Gift Cards report type
  • Product Variants report type

Google Ads

  • Googleclick Ads report type


  • Conversions report type

DCM by Advertiser

  • Ads Placement Sites Geo report type
  • Cross Device report type

You can find detailed information about these and other report types and their corresponding metrics in the Data Dictionary.

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