Where to Find Your Extraction Templates

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Jan 24, 2024

To see the list of your extraction templates, simply click on the extraction templates item from the left menu.

If you want to create a new custom extraction template, click the Create a template button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Сheck out this article to learn how to create an extraction template.

You can use the search field to find the necessary template by the template name. Also, you can sort the data ascending or descending in every column except Actions.

The extraction templates list includes six columns. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Template name

Global template names are set by default. You set names for your custom templates, and you can also change them.

The only restriction is:

  • the extraction template name must be unique for the same agency and connector.


Labels are added to highlight the most popular extraction templates and MCDM setup templates to speed up your access to them. You can filter all extraction templates by Improvado prepared labels.

Template type

Here you will find two types of templates:

  • global
  • custom

A global template is available to all agencies, but no agency can edit its settings.

A custom template is available only to a specific agency, and only this agency can edit its settings.


This column shows the data source for which the template is created.

Data class

Data class defines how the data is collected. For example, if the data is collected monthly, it means you will not be able to view the values for a single week or day.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Lifetime (no historical data available)
  • Lifetime incremental (no historical data available)
  • Default

The difference between lifetime and the lifetime incremental data class is that lifetime contains one snapshot of all data and the lifetime incremental accumulates data snapshot every day.

Default data class means that the data collection model may change.

Updated date

This column shows when the template was last updated. If the template has not been updated yet, you will see the date of its creation.


You can clarify the details of custom and global template settings. Also, it is available for you to edit and delete all your custom templates. 

To find the necessary template easier, you can filter extraction templates by the following columns:

  • Template type
  • Connector
  • ~It has a search input field for the data source you want to filter by
  • Data class

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