Where to Find Your Connected Destination Configuration

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Oct 19, 2023

Choose a specific destination from the Connected destinations list to dive into its settings.

There you will see the Page header and three tabs.

Page header

The Page header shows the destination connection name and status.

For better navigation, it's possible to rename the destination connection by clicking the "pencil" icon.

Overview tab

On the Overview tab you see the list of load orders related to the connected destination.

Settings tab

The set of sections on this tab depends on the connected destination status. Let's look at each section in more detail.

You connected as

This section shows the username that you’ve used when creating the connection.


This section is not available if connection initialization is not completed.
Here you can click the Re-authorize button to edit the connection credentials.

IMPORTANT: if you have updated your credentials, you must use Re-authorize functionality for the needed destination to implement new connection creds.

Delete destination

Deleting a connection will stop data load for the connection immediately. This will delete our reference to this connection, but it will not delete any data from it.

Automation tab

Automated load

Automated load allows for data push of all new data tables created after data extraction into your current destination automatically. When you extract a new data table, we will create a load order for it as well.

By default, this checkbox is unchecked. If you mark the checkbox for two or more destinations, we will create a separate load order for all of them.

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Where to Find Your Connected Destination Configuration


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