Would every report create a View in Postgres?

Yes. The views that were generated from a report UI will always include “campaigns_mapped_table*” in the title.

For example, if the report name is Test_01 the Postgres table will be called “public.campaigns_mapped_table_test_01”

Where do some of the Postgres Views unrelated to a report come from?

These tables are being pulled directly from the platforms’ API and are independent from reports within UI.

Such Postgres tables will always include the name of the dimension and provider in the the title, like so: “public.ads_raw_table_facebook

How do we check how many rows we’ve “used” so far this year?

We can create a Google spreadsheet which will contain all rows from all of your tables within Postgres Db. It will update every time you will open the gsheet.

What is the use of the “SQL Access Tables” tab?

The “SQL Access Tables” tab shows you all tables that exist within your Postgres database. Learn more.

Do column names in Postgres Views always stay the same? (even when renamed in UI)

Yes, column names always stay unchanged in Postgres.

How does binding_name get generated?

The Binding name is being automatically pulled from APi based on the campaign name.

How does campaign_type get generated?

This is hardcoded and we will double check with our dev team on this point. Maybe, one day in future…

How does data_source_key get generated?

It’s an internal improvado name for providers.

Does data_source_key uniquely identify a data source?

Yes, in fact there can be only one data_source_key with the same name.

How does product_name get generated?

Product name is being generated automatically from the and represents a data source (i.e. Facebook)

Are “Define Metrics”/”Define Columns” changes always instantly seen in the Postgres views?

Changes made within “Define metrics” are not be reflected in Postgres views at all.

How far back are data sources updated?

  • Campaign level data refreshes every day for the past 30 days (by default)
  • Dimension level data will be loaded for 2 months after a dimension has been enabled (by default)
  • Historical data of any kind can be loaded by special request for any period, that the provider allows

How often data got updated in the Postgres Views?

By default, data is being updated daily:

  • We start campaign level metrics download twice a day (at 3 am PDT/7 pm PDT) and it takes approx. 4 hours for data to load.
  • We start dimension level metrics download every day (at 1 am PDT)

Is there a notification mechanism for when the data was updated?

You can check last update time at the Edit Datasets menu in your report.

Are all data sources updated at the same time?

The loading starts at the same time, but every provider has different time for returning request back with data. General time for full update +-4hours

Is there a way to check how many rows have a non NULL value for a given dimension in the UI?

No. But we do not download rows with NULL values anyway.