New API connector request

When creating a new API connector request, you need to provide us with the following information:

  • Data Source URL (mandatory).
  • Link to API documentation or Rep contact information (mandatory):

Suppose the API documentation is not public or API usage requires additional credentials’ scope. Please provide the vendor’s representative contact details, as it can speed up the implementation.

  • Sample file generated on the required platform (mandatory).
  • Credentials (optional):

Active credentials speed up research and development. You can provide credentials as a shared account (e.g., add an Improvado account to the team), issue a token, and share it under the Data sources tab -> New data source button in the Improvado user interface.

Note: it is a safe way to share your credentials, as we store sensitive information securely!

Fill in the following fields and submit the form:

  • What data source you want to connect (mandatory)
  • Link to its website (mandatory)
  • Login (optional)
  • Password (optional)
  • Client Id (optional)
  • Client Secret (optional)
  • Additional comments (optional)
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