How to customize mapping in MCDM

Change existing mapping of a field

To remap an already existing field you need to add a row with new expression in sql_field_name.

Step 1. Open the custom mapping spreadsheet on the Recipe page:

Step 2. Find a list of report types and currently mapped fields:

Step 2.1. Open the Improvado MCDM Dictionary dashboard.

Step 2.2. Select the necessary MCDM report.

Note: The mcdm_table_name field is a combination of category and mcdm report: paid_ads__basic_performance - Paid Ads - Basic Performance

Step 2.2. Select a necessary Data source to find the names of fields that you need to use in a new mapping.

Step 2.3. The list of available MCDM fields and their mapping in source.

Step 3. Populating a row to remap necessary fields:

Step 3.1. Select necessary mcdm_table_name from the drop-down list.

Step 3.2. Select datasource_title field from the drop-down list.

The datasource_iname will appear according to title.

Step 3.3. Select report_type field from the drop-down list. Name it according to the Extraction Template in MCDM Dictionary dashboard:

Ads Creative (MCDM) - ads_creative

Step 3.4. Find the MCDM field name in the dashboard and copy it into the mcdm_field_name in the spreadsheet. The name must be the same as the one in the dashboard.

Step 3.5. Fill in sql_field_name with a necessary formula that needs to be redefined in the MCDM table.

Note: The sql_field_name must be populated according to SQL-dialect.


```spend / 1.15```
```CASE WHEN campaign_name like '%IG%' THEN 'IG Campaign' ELSE campaign_name END```

Step 3.6. Fill in mcdm_field_value_type according to MCDM field type in MCDM Dictionary.

Step 4. Wait for the next scheduled rebuild of your recipes

Step 5. Wait for the next load of your recipes

Add a new field in structure

Step 1. If you're adding a new field to MCDM table you have to add empty fields for sources that are not included in mapping but exist in a table.

Step 2. You can find the list of sources included in a table in MCDM dashboard on the Details page.

Step 2.1. The mandatory field - mcdm_field_value_type. This field needs to be the same for all Data Sources.

Step 2.2. If some of Data Sources don’t have required sql_field_name - you can use dummy value: ```0.0``` for numeric (Float64) and ```‘‘``` for text (String).

Step 2.3. Remember - if you're extracting new DataSource for this report - you need to add mapping for the new field in structure or add a dummy value.

Step 3. Wait for the next scheduled rebuild of your recipes.

Step 4. Wait for the next load of your recipes.

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