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Jun 4, 2024

Restrictions for off-Facebook Action Metrics

Facebook Off-site action metrics with breakdowns are no longer available, except for metrics for app campaigns exclusively targeting Android or iOS 14.4.

Learn more about restrictions for off-Facebook Action Metrics in the official Facebook documentation.

Leads metric discrepancy

We have several metrics related to leads in almost in all of our reports:

  • ```lead``` (```action.offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_lead.value```) - Off-site leads
  • ```lead_grouped``` (```actions.onsite_conversion.lead_grouped.value```) - On-Facebook leads
  • ```leads``` (```actions.lead.value```) - should be a summary of Off-site leads and On-Facebook leads

Important: For some campaigns, in reports with special breakdowns (```publisher_platform```, ```platform_posintion```, etc.), ```leads``` metric will be 0. Learn more here.

Campaign's daily budget is 100 times greater than in UI

Facebook API returns daily_budget in cents. For example, we retrieve ```daily_budget = 1000``` while the daily budget value in the Facebook UI is 10. You can find a budget value that is the same as in the Facebook UI in the calculated field ```daily_budget_with_offset``` which is calculated as ```daily_budget/100```.

Empty value in video actions in reports with “region” or “dma”

The following actions do not support for dma and region dimensions:

  • ```video_p25_watched_actions```
  • ```video_p50_watched_actions```
  • ```video_p75_watched_actions```
  • ```video_p95_watched_actions```
  • ```and video_p100_watched_actions```

Learn more in the official Facebook documentation.

Discrepancy in Reach metric

In Facebook Ads Manager, the total reach of your campaigns in a report is calculated as the number of people who saw your ads at least once and not as a sum of every campaign’s reach.

How Reach metric is calculated for a date range

The Reach metric cannot be summarized across all dates within a particular range. For instance, if User A sees an ad on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, the total reach for the date range [Day 1 - Day 3] will be counted as ```1``` user.

However, in the daily report with the date breakdown, each day will show a reach of ```1```, resulting in a total of ```3```.

Day Reach
Day 1 1
Day 2 1
Day 3 1
Total 3

This discrepancy occurs because Reach can only be compared on specific dates and with an exact level of granularity. Even when using Weekly/Monthly reports, this behavior still applies.

How Reach metric is calculated for your campaigns

Similarly, the Reach metric cannot be summarized across all campaigns. Let's consider the example below, where we can see the Reach of seven different campaigns.

If we add them to a single report, we’ll get the following:

Campaign Reach
Campaign 1 4
Campaign 2 4
Campaign 3 3
Campaign 4 1
Campaign 5 4
Campaign 6 4
Campaign 7 3
Total 23

After adding up all Reach values, we’ll get a total of ```23```, even though there are just ```17``` users. As we can see, it is possible for a single user to be counted in two or more campaigns.

Missing Facebook destination URLs

Meta API only retrieves ```website_destination_url``` on ```links_url``` with ```ad_formats``` set as ```AUTOMATIC_FORMAT```. For other formats, this field is not populated on API.

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