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Oct 19, 2023


Criteo’s Commerce Media Platform helps brands, retailers, and publishers meet their business goals.

Schema information

The schema information shows all report types you can use to extract data from Criteo.

Setup guide

Follow our setup guide to connect Criteo to Improvado.

Step 1. Click the Data Sources in the left navigation bar.
Categories on the Data sources page group all available platforms. Use a search to find the required one.

Step 2. Click on the Criteo tile.

Step 3. To authorize your account you need to fill in the required fields below following steps 3.1 - 3.11:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Currency

Note: Improvado loads time zone parameters directly from Criteo. You can set up a time zone needed on Criteo website (at the Criteo Management Center).

Step 3.1. Log in to Criteo.

Step 3.2. Сlick Developer portal.

Step 3.3. Click Create a new app.

Step 3.4. In the App Credentials section, click Create new key to generate your app credentials.

Step 3.5. Download and save the file with your Client ID and Client Secret.

Step 3.6. Choose the Marketing Solutions Service and click Save.

Step 3.7. In the Authorization section, set at least Read access level for all data domains, and click Save.

Grant Improvado access to:

Permission Description
Analytics Read access to your campaign analytics reports
Audiences Read access to all audiences
Campaigns Read access to all live and paused campaigns or ad sets
Catalog Read access to all catalog products

Step 3.8. Scroll to the top of the page and click Activate app.

Step 3.9. Click Generate new URL button in the upper right corner and copy the URL.

Step 3.10. Log into your business Criteo account here and follow the generated link to provide access to the previously created app to advertising instances of your choice.

Step 3.11. Enter copied values into the Improvado authorization form.

Also, you can find the additional information here: Authentication.

Step 4. After the connection process is completed successfully, the Criteo connection will appear in your Connected sources list.

Step 5. When the connection status is Active, and the account status column shows a number of accounts, you can move on to data extraction.

Step 6. To extract data from the connected sources, check the instruction on how to set up data extraction.


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Troubleshooting guides

Check out troubleshooting guides for


You can find information about the latest API changes in the official Release notes.

Frequently asked questions

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