Apple Search


Apple Search is a solution for advertising in App Store created by Apple. It displays ads in the App Store when a user searches for a particular app in order to provide developers with a way to improve app discovery via keyword search.

Schema information

The schema information shows all report types you can use to extract data from Apple Search.

Setup guide

Follow our setup guide to connect Apple Search to Improvado.

Step 1. Click the Data Sources in the left navigation bar.
Categories on the Data sources page group all available platforms. Use a search to find the required one.

Step 2. Click on the Apple Search tile.

Step 3. To authorize your account you need to fill in the required fields following steps below:

  • Client ID
  • Team ID
  • Key ID
  • Timezone

Note: Your Apple Search Ads account needs to have an API Account Manager or API Account Read Only role.
Learn more about user roles in Apple's documentation.

Invite Users

API administrators need to invite users with API permissions according to the following instructions:

  1. Under the Apple Search Ads UI, select Sign In > Advanced and log in as an account administrator.
  2. From the Users menu in the top-right corner, select the account to invite users to.
  3. Select Account Settings > User Management.
  4. Click on Invite Users to add users to your Apple Search Ads organization.
  5. Under the User Details section, enter the user’s first name, last name, and Apple ID.
  6. In the User Access and Role section, select the Read access API user role.
  7. Click on Send Invite. The invited user receives an email with a secure code. The user should sign in via the secure Apple URL from the email and fill in the provided code that will activate the user’s account.

Upload a Public Key

  1. From the Search Ads UI, select Account Settings > API. Paste the following key into the Public Key field:
-----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----MFkwEwYHKoZIzj0CAQYIKoZIzj0DAQcDQgAEVuS1sh+fLvrpSmx1LceClCG+hilYFbOg0/m+b0AkXyDn08Q7+rerR1C74ZzKAa9hHc8X1z9gh9zHvTXvJevChQ== -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
  1. Click Save.

Note: This key is changed every 6 months in accordance with Apple Search API security policy.
Key Creation date: 18 November 2022
Key Expiration date: 17 May 2023

  1. A group of credentials will be displayed as a code block above the public key field. Collect your Client ID, Team ID, and Key ID.
  2. To find the Time zone you need to enter, you can go to the Campaign tab of the Apple Search Ads UI and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Enter copied values into the Improvado authorization form.

Also, you can find the additional information here: Apple Developer Documentation.

Step 4. After the connection process is completed successfully, the Apple Search connection will appear in your Connected sources list.

Step 5. When the connection status is Active, and the account status column shows a number of accounts, you can move on to data extraction.

Step 6. To extract data from the connected sources, check the instruction on how to set up data extraction.

Release Notes

You can find information about the latest API changes in the official Release notes.


Improvado team is always happy to help with any other questions you might have!

Contact your Customer Success Manager or raise a request in Improvado Service Desk.

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