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The purpose of our blog is to share unique and engaging educational content with our readers. We are currently partnering with some of the world’s best marketing professionals to provide expert insights into marketing analytics, performance, and leadership. Check out our guidelines below to decide if you want to join our ambitious community.

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Why Us?

  • 🧑🏻🤝🧑🏾 The Improvado blog attracts attention of 60,000+ marketers and entrepreneurs every month. It is a great resource for digital marketers, marketing analysts, and entrepreneurs, allowing them to exchange expert opinions and explore unique, cutting-edge cases in the marketing sphere.
  • 🧲 ✏️ Our content has caught the attention of the writing communities at TechCrunch, Adweek, Search Engine Land, Growth Marketing Pro, and similar websites. Marketers from Wrike, Gymshark, ASUS, AdRoll, L'Oréal, and other great companies regularly read our blog.
  • #️⃣ We distribute our most interesting blog posts across a variety of social media channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Our Audience

  • Our blog readers are mostly marketing analysts, performance marketers, data analysts, CMOs, and entrepreneurs. They work in companies from various industries, but they’re usually from medium and large businesses.
  • Please keep in mind that the Improvado blog isn’t a regular guest posting platform. We take content quality seriously and strive to educate our audience with each sentence of every article. The Improvado Marketing Community unites marketing experts, so they would not be interested in generic content that covers entry-level marketing concepts. Try to enrich the text with insightful use cases, real-life examples, quotes from notable persons in the niche, useful social media posts, etc.
  • Our audience likes to read anything on the topic of marketing analytics, especially non-trivial strategies and tips that help them improve their ROMI and measure their marketing efforts. Our most popular content is about dashboards and reporting, tips and tricks based on personal experience, how-to guides, case studies and interviews, and comparisons of the latest tools.

Blog Topics

With our blog, we want to create a platform for unique and useful content, and for that reason, we’re asking you to contribute content related to your industry and sphere of expertise. 

We only publish 100% original content. The topic should be well researched and your writing should be optimized for both users and search engines. But don’t worry, we will help you with that! 🐬 ‍

Since all of the articles posted must be SEO optimized, our team will help you identify the main keyword for your blog post before you begin the writing process. Your article should include this keyword that we’ll select together.

If you have a specific topic idea for the Improvado Blog, keep in mind that it should align with one of the following areas:

  • Marketing and Sales Analytics
  • Big Data
  • MarTech
  • Performance
  • Leadership

If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some ideas.

To get a better idea of the article structure, messaging, and insights that we aim for in our posts, you can read our previous articles. Besides, there are tons of impeccable blogs on the Internet for inspiration. Our favorites are Ahrefs, Product Marketing Alliance, and Intercom, SEJ. 🥰

Editorial Process ✍️

Step #1.

Topic selection: Your ideas are always welcome, but please read the Blog Topics section above once again to check that your idea is relevant to our readers. 

Step #2.

Writing: Before writing, please, read our short article with tips on how not to write a guest post. Once we have agreed on a topic, we will provide you with a link from Surfer with a brief outline of what we expect from the post. Our team will be at your disposal at any time if you need assistance with research or article formatting. We want to make sure that your post looks exactly the way you envisioned it when it goes live on the blog. 

Step #3.

Editing: After your draft is submitted, the Improvado Content Team will review it and put the finishing touches in place to make sure it looks fantastic. 

Step #4.

Publishing: Once we have agreed on the final version, we will publish the article and send you a link. 

Step #5.

Distribution: We distribute our blogs posts across social media.  However, if it’s a more substantial research topic, we may also distribute it to the list of journalists we collaborate with. The whole process can take up to three to five weeks. 

Step #6.

Revision: Every six months, we revise our low-performing content (with low user engagement and traffic metrics) and make suggestions on how to improve that content’s performance. But don’t worry, we will never change anything in your article without your permission!

Technical Guidelines 🔧

The following guidelines were developed to make things easier for you. We expect you to have done your own research and familiarized yourself with our blog, our brand’s tone of voice, and our writing style, as well as the topics we write about. 

Uniqueness: Greater than 90% (we check using  Grammarly). 


  • The main keyword should be clearly identified. 
  • The Surfer content quality report must be above average. 
  • LSI keywords should cover as much as possible, from “‘people also ask”’ to Google hints queries. ‍ 

Competition: The length of the article should be, on average, 30% longer than competitors’ content that ranks for your main keyword. However, it’s usually within the 3000 to 5000 words range and is never under 2000 words. 

Title: Your title should be no more than 580 px so it will be fully seen in search engines. This can easily be checked using to the web

External links: Include at least two external links. Check all the links in the article, and make sure there are a maximum of two (different) links to the author’s website and no similar external links across the blog. Make sure they’re all relevant. 

All the ongoing links from the blog are nofollow by default. If you have some special requests regarding this matter, please contact our team.

Internal links: We recommend that you add at least two internal links. 

Include at least four images: Don’t add stock photos or meaningless images that have nothing in common with the article. We highly encourage you to add illustrative charts and graphs supporting all statistics you provide in the article. You can use sources like Statista, eMarketer, Forrester, etc. Schematic drawings that elaborate on the topic of your article are also welcome.  If an image contains text, it should be easily readable. The image should be of good quality. All images should contain a link to the source in case there are license restrictions. 

Author’s details: Short bio, photo, and occupation/title. 

Outline recommendations: You can either make suggestions in the Google Docs file or send an email with a list of recommendations.

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