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The Improvado blog is a source of expertise and inspiration for thousands of marketing leaders across the globe. We partner with marketing professionals to share expert insights into marketing analytics, performance, and leadership.

You can contribute to our blog and share your expertise or notable cases/experiences in those areas. To do that, please follow our guidelines.

About us

  • Improvado is an enterprise revenue data platform focused on B2B and enterprise markets. We provide a flexible and scalable solution that allows marketers to aggregate all of their data and make sense of it in minutes.

  • Each month, 60,000+ marketers and entrepreneurs read the Improvado blog. And, according to data from Clearbit, 83% of them come from mid-market and enterprise companies.  Our blog is a resource for digital marketers, marketing analysts, and entrepreneurs, allowing them to access expert opinions and explore unique, cutting-edge cases in the marketing sphere.

  • Our content was featured in publications like TechCrunch, AdExchanger, AdWeek, Search Engine Land and Growth Marketing Pro.

Who can write for Improvado?

We’re interested in senior contributors, such as CEOs, founders, C-suite executives, “head-level” professionals, and marketing analysts who are experienced in marketing and sales analytics, AI/ML analytics, MarTech, Big Data, and similar areas.

What articles can I write?

We put a high value on articles that are both helpful and insightful. Feel free to share your perspectives, best practices, learnings, ups and downs—let’s make a great story!

What do I need to submit?

  • You have a draft article that has not been published before.

Perfect—share your material with us. We will go through it and get back to you within a couple of days.

  • You’ve got a byline published, but the  publication has limited it to X words. You feel you still have a longer story to tell.

Great! We can publish your story in its entirety with a reference to the original publication.

  • You don’t have an article, but you do have a topic and a prepared outline.

That works, too! Just shoot us your outline and we’ll make a story out of it. We can run through a bit of back and forth to approve, polish and then publish it.

  • You don’t have an outline, but you do have a cool idea, great case, or unique experience.

This could work. Drop us an email with your idea and a bit of a story to it. We will reach out with the next steps if your topic looks promising.

Are you interested in contributing? 

Fill in the Content Contributor Application, describe your background and topic idea, and we will contact you soon. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with

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