Text Note

Learn how to use Text Note for tutorial writing, navigation, documentation and for notebook structure explanation

What is Text Note and how to use it?

Text Note is a dedicated cell specifically for annotations, observations, comments, or descriptive purposes in a notebook. It is purely textual and does not hold any executions.

The Text Note feature in a notebook allows you to write explanatory text, formulate theories, detail experimental processes, or just jot down their ideas directly within their data analysis workflow. It supports markdown language, which makes it possible to include resource links, images, tables, lists, and format text in different styles and sizes.

Text Note for documentation

Use text notes for documenting the experimental process, decisions, assumptions, methodologies, and results for better transparency and reproducibility.

Text Note for tutorial writing

If creating a notebook to educate others (for example on a your way to calculate different metrics), you can use the Text Note cells to provide necessary explanations and instructions.

Text Note for notebook structure explanation

Using the Text Note you can maintain coherence by outlining the overarching structure and making clear where each part fits within the broader scheme.

Text Note for navigation

The Text Note in a notebook can be instrumental as a structural guide or map to understand the overall flow and organization of a notebook. An explanatory text note at the beginning of the notebook can provide a brief overview of the arrangement and layout of the cells. It can help pinpoint the location of key analyses, results, and discussions within the notebook, helping readers navigate the notebook effectively and efficiently.

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