Connection settings

Learn how to manage connection to data source in Improvado platform

Once you connected the data source, you may see that the blue “Connect” button changes into pink “Connection settings” like this.


When you click it, the pop-up menu appears. It shows all your accounts connected to this data source and their statuses.


The table contains:

  • Status - It will be “Active” or show “Error” warning
  • Account - Human-readable name of your account
  • ID - Your account ID
  • Created Date - when you connected it for the first time
  • Updated Date - date of the last successfull data update
  • Small trashbin icon for deleting connection that you don’t need anymore

This menu allows you to add and update connectors or update data for existing ones.

Adding new account credentials for Data Sources

You can connect multiple accounts for different ad platforms. Click on ‘Add or Update Connector’ in the bottom right corner and authorise new account in a pop-up window that will appear.


After that, data will be loaded and will be able to use this account when creating a new report or editing existing report data sets.

The previous connection wouldn’t disappear, old credentials will be saved as secondary. New credentials will be treated as “main” and will be used in new reports by default.

Data Source Reconnection

Sometimes things happens, connector Status turns to “Error” and error message appear below the connector info, like this:


This can happen because of various reasons:

  • If you changed your marketing platform credentials
  • If an advertising platform connection expires
  • If some data source connection problem emerges

In this case red “Re-connect” button will allow you to solve all this issues by adding your actual credentials and refreshing the connection.

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