Column & Filter builder

Learn how to create a fully customized mapping using the Column & Filter builder

What is Column & Filter Builder and how to use it?

This feature allows you to create a fully customized mapping, allowing to manipulate data by adding calculated fields and applying filters. This manipulation includes mathematical operations and conditional logic to transform raw data into insightful metrics.

  • Data Source (FROM):
    • The FROM field indicates the source of the data, such as a table from a database. Users can pull data from sources like stg_google_ads_campaign.
  • Calculated Fields (SET and AS):
    • This section is used to create new fields based on calculations. The SET keyword designates the beginning of a calculation, and the AS field allows the user to name the new calculated field.
    • For example, a user could calculate a custom metric like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by dividing the revenue by cost and then multiplying by some factor to adjust the value as needed.
  • Filters (WHEN):
    • The WHEN clause is used to set conditions that the data must meet to be included in the report. Conditions can be based on date ranges, account names, or any other available columns.
  • Logical Conditions (AND/OR):
    • These operators determine how filters are applied. AND requires all conditions to be met, while OR allows for any condition to be met.
    • You can group conditions together to form complex logical structures, allowing for sophisticated data segmentation.

How to add specific calculations for existing columns

This type of cell allows setting up different metric calculations: either with other columns or with different numbers altogether.

How to group several filters with different conditions

This type of cell allows setting up very complex rules for filters, which can include several levels of hierarchy.

How to apply just filters without mapping

You can set up filters without columns by skipping the column step and starting directly with filters.

How to choose the result from the previous cell

You can apply filters on results (labels) from previous cells. To achieve that you need hover on a label to see the actual SQL query you want to apply new filters.

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