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Oct 19, 2023

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To better understand the Improvado Marketing Common Data Model and how it works, you can check the Improvado MCDM Overview.

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The Organic recipe provides you with information about the media feed, followers, and its performance on Social Media Platforms like Facebook Pages and Instagram.
The data is presented in breakdowns by posts and pages. In addition to this, there is a breakdown by geo and demographics.

Reports are divided into two types: Daily and Lifetime

  • Daily - сommon way to present data when showing metrics for a specific day.
  • Lifetime - the data is presented as sums of metrics for the entire historical depth.


  • Post
  • Page
  • Geo
  • Demographic


You can find the Demo Dashboard here.

Technical Details

MCDM Data Dictionary


Tech Schema

Normalization of raw report types

Raw reports are presented in different types for different data sources - daily, incremental, last day, or last day incremental.
Depending on the type of raw report type, applying transformation into daily and lifetime representation:

  • Lifetime incremental to daily - the daily increment of the metric between adjacent days is considered to be the normal daily value.
  • Daily to lifetime - the sum of the metric for the entire historical depth to the maximum day of data is calculated.
Data Normalization

In the Organic recipe, data normalization steps are applied for geo, age, and gender values. Learn more here.

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