Improvado MCDM

MCDM (Marketing Common Data Model) provides data unification across different data sources of the same business use case.

MCDM Schema Objects

MCDM schema consists of different objects that help you structure provided data.

MCDM object Description Database representation Example
MCDM Recipe A collection of MCDM tables for a particular business use case. Tables may belong to various recipes if their fields apply to multiple use cases. Group of tables Paid ads - Wide range of Advertising platforms, all providing information about daily campaign performance down to adset, ad level, creative, or placement level.
MCDM Table A data table that offers data for a business use case on a particular granularity level. Different MCDM tables will offer a higher or lower granularity. Single table Basic Performance - contains Campaign, Adset and Ad data for different data connectors.
MCDM Field The different fields that build MCDM table. The fields are a result of combining and standardizing fields from several individual data connectors. Table column Impressions - the total impressions from several data connectors.

MCDM Mapping Dictionary

The mapping is the core logic of data unification provided within MCDM. It defines how a field from each data source is "translated" into a common model. MCDM Mapping Dictionary is a live documentation that explains how each field of each data source is being converted into MCDM value.

Field name Description Example 1 Example 2
```datasource_title``` Name of the data source used for mapping ```MediaMath``` ```TikTok Ads```
```report_type``` Name of the report type used for mapping ```strategies_device``` ```ads_region```
```original_field``` name of the “raw data” field used for mapping ```total_spend``` ```cost```
```mcdm_table``` Name of the unified MCDM table ```paid_ads__geo_performance``` ```paid_ads__geo_performance```
```mcdm_field``` Name of the unified MCDM field ```spend``` ```spend```
```mcdm_field_type``` Type of the unified MCDM field ```float``` ```float```

There are two types of MCDM Mapping Dictionary provided by Improvado:

  • General mapping dictionary - contains built-in MCDM Mapping, and that's applied for all customers by default. It’s available as live documentation here.
  • Customer-specific mapping dictionary - contains mapping used for specific MCDM customers, including all implemented MCDM configuration changes.

Customer-specific mapping dictionary is provided as a table called ```mcdm_mapping``` together with other MCDM tables. It’s updated daily.

To simplify work with a Customer-specific mapping dictionary, Improvado provides Looker Studio Dashboard Templates. Learn how to use MCDM Dashboard Templates here.


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{%docs-links%} [ { "url": "/docs/how-to-use-mcdm-dashboard-templates", "title": "How to use Dashboard Templates", "description": "Learn how to use Dashboard Templates" }, { "url": "", "title": "MCDM Data Dictionary", "description": "Check out MCDM Data Dictionary" } ] {%docs-links-end%}

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