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Learn more about AI Agent's data visualization capabilities.

How to visualize your data with AI Agent

The AI data visualization agent is an advanced tool designed to simplify and enhance the process of creating data visualizations. It can understand user prompts and automatically generate the most suitable type of chart or graph based on the provided data.

How to use it

Using the data visualization feature is straightforward and user-friendly, catering to both novice and advanced users.

Automatic Visualization:

  • Ask the AI to visualize the data without specifying a chart type.
  • The AI analyzes the data and selects the most suitable chart or diagram to represent it.

Specified Visualization:

  • Clearly state the type of chart or diagram you want (e.g., “Create a pie chart” or “I need a Sankey diagram”).
  • The AI will generate the requested type of visualization based on the provided data.

Use cases

No need to specify details, just ask that you want to see

Let's take a look at a typical use case to see how we can use this.

In the first query, we asked to make rules where the CPC of the ad adsets exceeded $10. We got a complex SQL query that found this for us and showed us the result.

And then, in the next cell - we can ask AI to make a chart to show the number of adsets that violated the rule.

We didn't specify columns, we didn't specify a chart, we just asked to visualize the data and AI did a great job.

Build multiple charts at the single quesiton

If you're looking to split the data and look at it separately in a visualization - you can just ask:

«Display Google and Facebook on 2 separate charts. Separate for Google and next to it for Facebook».

AI Agent will split it up for you and show them separately from each other.

Display even complex data

AI can create charts of any complexity and independently prepare the data to do so.

In this request, we asked to create a chart based on our attribution model. And it did a great job with it, didn't it?


Never hesitate to seek assistance from an AI Agent when dealing with any kind of chart. It's astonishing how effortless it has become to simply describe what we want to see, and the AI remarkably grasps our intentions to construct it.

This technology not only streamlines complex data visualization but also transforms abstract concepts into clear, understandable graphics. Whether it's financial trends, scientific data, or even a creative project, the AI's capability to interpret and visualize our thoughts is a significant leap in making information accessible and engaging. It’s a game-changer for professionals and hobbyists alike, enabling us to explore data in ways we never thought possible.

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