Ad Preview

Improvado Ad Preview is a feature that provides you with a self-serve saving of images of your Ads (posts, stories, etc.) to your storage on the Improvado side.

Third-party platforms also provide an Ad Preview option, but they have an expiration date, and there is no way to store images for a long time. We provide indefinite storage of your images, which is a fundamental advantage of Improvado Ad Preview compared to others.

Your images saved in your AWS S3 cluster storage on the Improvado side will be available regardless of the third-party platforms' API limits or if you've lost access to your account! Then you can use this data in your reports to visualize your Ads.

How to set up Ad Preview

1. Ensure you’ve extracted data for the specific Data Source using the Extraction Template(s) listed in the table below to get the required Result Data Table _with_preview.

Data Source Extraction Template Result Data Table
Facebook ads_creative, ads ads_creative_with_preview
Facebook ads ads_with_preview
Facebook ads_creative_platform, ads ads_creative_platform_with_preview
Facebook ads_instagram ads_with_preview_instagram
Facebook ads_creative_platform_position, ads ads_creative_platform_position_with_preview
Facebook Pages published_post, posts_videos_entity published_post_with_preview
Instagram Organic post, raw_media_content post_with_media_content
Instagram Webhooks stories, story_insights stories_and_story_insights
TikTok Ads ad_entity ad_entity_with_preview
Snapchat Ads ads, raw_media ads_with_media
Twitter promoted_tweets_with_cards, tweet_entity twitter_promoted_tweets_with_preview
Twitter organic_tweets, tweet_entity twitter_organic_tweets_with_preview
Centro DSP ad_with_hierarchy -

2. Request Ad Preview via Improvado Service Desk or contact your Customer Success Manager to request it.

Note: We’ve marked all extraction templates required for creating Ad Preview with a specific label. You can find these extraction templates using the Label filter, as shown below.

No items found.
No items found.


Improvado team is always happy to help with any other questions you might have! Send us an email.

Contact your Customer Success Manager or raise a request in Improvado Service Desk.