To empower digital marketers with the information they need most by making real-time metrics readily available through spreadsheets, bots, and dashboards.


Cross-platform advertising is now so complex that traditional UIs and SQL query interfaces have become hindrances to data analysis
  • No software can create enough features to keep up with the growing ecosystem
  • Learning curve for new reporting platforms is steep
  • Advertisers spend 40% of their time aggregating reports in spreadsheets because no reporting platform is as flexible as they require


One Dashboard to Power The Digital Marketing Universe

Our interactive reporting platform will automatically create reports from various platforms to provide latest updates on campaign performance. Don’t waste your time on manual report creation - Enjoy new lightning experience with campaign analytics via interactive dashboard.


Automate custom data aggregation via full and flexible integration with Google Sheets and Excel

NLP Machines

Build NLP machines to provide what advertisers have been wanting all along - answers to questions

Market Opportunity

13,000 Agencies & 342,000 SMBS analyze Ad Metrics
$9.4B in Digital Ad Spend

Revenue Model

Reporting platform - SaaS - self service

  • Profit margin: 80%
  • $50 / month for Direct Brands
  • $1000 / month for Agencies

Trading desk - campaign managment

  • 20% margin
  • $1000 minimum monthly Ad spend


Quarterly Revenue

Where We Are


  • Paid Digital Media
  • SEO/Content Strategy


  • Email Campaigns
  • Sales Team

Customer Life Time Value

Growth Strategy

Emphasis on new activities which fuel growth trajectory:

Simplify Onboarding
  • Freemium Reporting Tool
  • Finish self-serve onboarding
Increase LTV
  • Textual personal advertising assistant (Facebook messenger, Email, Slack)
  • Automatic tips for campaign optimizations
  • Per report / data API pricing
Add Distribution Channels
  • AppStore
  • Chrome Store



Daniil Kravtsov

Visionary, UX, strategy,  4 startups, 2 exits. 5 Years Ad-tech experience, 15 Years management of software development.


Dan Ostrovsky

Experienced product strategist.
Co-founded a Series A funded mobile ad-tech company and started a mobile
Ad Agency.


Anamika Sethi

5 years of experience in Sales Strategy Management Consulting for technology companies, 2 years of experience in tech sales.


Ali Quigley

5 years of Ad Agency experience in Media Planning and Buying, 2 years of Marketing experience in tech startups.


Anton Paramonov

23 years experience.


Ilya Nazarov

Scalable and highload software
14 years experience.


Egor Lebedev

 6 years experience, published in renowned data-scientists science magazines.

Investment Opportunity

Ready for Round A to build the most powerful, sophisticated and ready-to-use reporting platform for brands and digital agencies of the new era. $500k already committed.

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