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Improvado Helps ASUS Take Full Control Of Their Global Marketing Data
"Improvado saves about 90 hours per week and allows us to focus on data analysis, rather than routine data aggregation, normalization, and formatting."
Jeff Lee, Head of Community and Digital strategy at ASUS
Jeff Lee
Head of Social & Marketing Data
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Optimize campaigns

Optimize campaign performance and deliver value. get automated insights to optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Measure effectivness

Measure and compare the effectiveness of various marketing channels. Get a real-time overview of all your data so you can always stay on top of what’s performing and what’s not.

No more manual anything

You business is free to grow and that you won't risk losing data. Instead of manual analytics, invest in Improvado so that you can quickly replicate successful marketing efforts.

Marketing analytics is finally connected

Website analytics

Social media analytics

User behaviour analytics

Organic and Paid Search Analytics

Get insights you can trust

Save time on tedious data entry, streamline data from over 300+ sources, and gain deeper insights into your marketing data at a single glance.

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