VP of Sales - "Make-it-Repeatable"

$200k – $280k • 0.001% – 2.0%

San-Francisco, United States


Our base Salary = $100k-$150k
OTE $200k-$300k
Euqity %0.1 - 2% (2% of our company currently cost $1mln)

We are looking for a VP of Sales:

"Make-it-Repeatable". You'll be in charge of scaling our sales process and managing our sales team. We are looking for a high energy hustler who knows what it takes to achieve hyper-growth in a startup environment. We're looking to you to be an individual contributor to our bottom line and lead our team to exceed our sales goals.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Managing the sales team
  • Defining new sales processes based on your experience
  • Hiring an army of kick-ass sales reps
  • Help team to closing deals with Midmarket and Enterprise clients
  • Reporting directly to our CEO, Daniel Kravtsov, who is a serial entrepreneur with 2 previous exits

What we bring to the table:

  • A proven product
  • Experienced sales team
  • Skilled, experienced, and loyal engineers
  • Strong lead generation engine
  • $8 Million in funding from many industry celebrities and tier-1 investors
  • Not typical Big piece of equity for our stage

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