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Improvado is committed to empowering the revenue of marketing teams to make business decisions through data simplification.  Today, data lives in many different silos and business users need to rely on scarce technical resources in order to get the answers they need to do their job effectively. Improvado is changing that!

Product & Company

Improvado is a modern data stack SaaS company, headquartered in San Francisco, with offices across the globe. We built a no-code revenue data platform centralizing data from hundreds of marketing & sales sources. We are a Series A startup with $30 million raised in investments. We are rapidly scaling and doubling revenue growth every year. Today, we are excited to be partnering with companies like ASUS, Illy, Activision, Adroll, Docker, Hims, OMD, the University of San Francisco, and many others.


At Improvado, we are extremely curious, open, and hard-working. We take great pride in our diverse culture and remote-first approach.  We value diversified experiences of opinion and we know that this makes us stronger. We are looking for great people who want to grow and develop fast, personally, and professionally.


All our tasks are based on the fact that:
We collect data from third-party APIs
We conduct QA of this data
Let the client visualize and view this data and also you need to upload and provide this data to different sources (BigQuery, Redshift, Amazon S3)

But! This must be done reliably so that it works every day, so that hundreds of gigabytes are processed and so that nothing falls apart.

An example of one of our services is a service for uploading a huge amount of data from Clickhouse to external sources, which takes into account changes in the client's data schema, keeps track of what new data has appeared, etc.


  • Experience in commercial development in Python (Django) from 3 years (OOP, multithreading), ideally - experience in developing a system that works under high load / with big data;
  • Knowledge of SQL, including query optimization and database configuration;
  • Experience with NoSQL databases;
  • Ability to work confidently in Linux

Nice To Have

  • Experience with PostgreSQL, Redis, Amazon Web Services, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with cloud services and development for them;
  • Experience in developing REST services and understanding how they work;
  • Ability to work in a Continuous Integration environment.

Why Improvado?

  • Remote OK
  • Annual bonuses
  • Strong Product/Market Fit
  • Competitive Compensation Package
  • Ideal Time & Stage to Benefit from Companies Growth
  • Extremely Fun & Open Working Environment
  • Strong Ethics & Value System
  • A Large Team of Experienced Engineers
  • Investors in Improvado are Silicon Valley Elites; i.e., Jonah Goodhart (SVP Oracle Data Cloud, Former Founder & CEO of MOAT), Kim Perell (CEO Amobee), Toby Gabriner (Former CEO Nextroll, CEO Bitly), Auren Hoffman (Founder & Former CEO of LiveRamp), etc.. as well as Bullpen Capital and 500-Start Ups

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