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Connect Data Sources to Your Report

Connect Data Sources to Your Report

After connecting your data sources to Improvado, they are now available to hook into your client and brand reports. In your empty report, there is an orange “Edit Data Sources” button at the top right to connect data sources to your report.

Each data source is unique but connecting them is similar in terms of connecting accounts and campaigns. Once you have connected to the data sources to your report, you will immediately see them on a left panel listing those connected data sources.

In addition to our over 70 integrated partners that range from search, social, display, etc., we offer the ability to upload Google Sheets and CSV files.

E-mail Integration, Google Sheets, and CSV Uploads

If there is a data source we have not yet integrated for you, we can still show that platform data in your Improvado report through E-mail Integration. Simply automate the report exactly as it should be to our Reporting inbox, and our Google Sheet uploads will automate the rest, querying for updates twice a day. Here are details on how to make it happen:


Similarly, if that data source does not offer the ability to automate CSV reports, we can still take in data via Google Sheets with a simple copy + paste of data, or via our CSV upload feature.

After connecting your data sources, you can choose to visualize data in your Improvado interface, or in an external visualization platform. For now, we can continue setting up your Improvado report.

Whichever you choose, the next step is an important one, which is to define the right metrics for each data source to see the right numbers to visualize, whether in Improvado or the visualization platform of your choice.

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