Setup Report Time Range

Setup Report Time Range

You have a set of global setting like Time Intervals (daily, weekly, monthly) and Date Range (this or previous day, week, month or even custom)


Date range specify which data will be showed. In fact there are two options:

  • Pre-Defined Date Ranges (Today or Yesterday, this or previous Week, two weeks, This Month, Last Month or Last 30 days) - they are pretty standard and will create a floating time window that shows data for a specified period
  • Custom Date Range allow you to choose two dates and widgets on the tab will visualize data in between this two dates (If this data is available)
  • It wouldn’t move further every day like “Last Week” or any other Pre-Defined Date Range
  • It can be... Custom. Less then seven days? OK! Three weeks? OK! More then month? OK!

Time Intervals will define how data will be summarized in widgets that use time to build charts.

Difference between daily and monthly intervals is pretty solid:

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