Setup Data Extraction (Beta)

After clicking the “Data Extraction” button, a following pop-up menu will appear. This menu consists of three columns with a list of options to be selected and results column — each list will show available items after selecting any line in the previous one:

  • Choose Connectors (it’s your Data Sources) to see Accounts list
  • Choose Account to open available Report Types list

1. Click on Connector you need in the first column to select it.

  • You can have only one line selected at a time.
  • Accounts list will appear in the next column

2. Click on Account you want to setup

3. Select Report Type or several Report Types by ticking one or multiple checkboxes in the third column

  • You have multiple choice here
  • You can see a blue “Extracted” marker near some report type names — it means that you already configured this Report for this exact account.

4. After you select some items in all three columns, corresponding table names will appear in the fourth column.

  • You can remove any selected table by clicking on the x button.
  • All lines will stay here after you select other Connectors or Accounts allowing you to add some more

5. Go, select Report types for another Connector or Account if you need — in the same way

6. Click on the pink Setup Sources button on the bottom right corner to finish extract configuration

This menu will be closed, a notification message will appear. Data extraction settings were set up successfully.

Be advised: data extraction tool doesn’t support long-term historical data extraction automatically — if you need historical data for a long period, please create a ticket in our Service Desk and inform us: which data platform, report type and date period is interesting for you.