How does it look for the user

You can always see how does it looks when you export your report to PDF (the file itself will be downloaded on your computer). But what happens, when you share your report by other means?

There are two variants:

You share your reports by e-mail

When you share your daily report via an e-mail, your addressee will receive the message, which includes a table with the most important changes of the near past, yesterday general metrics and link to the whole report.


The weekly report email includes trends over the past 6 weeks, last week’s stats, total metrics table and link to the report.

You share a report by link or giving a temporary user access

The user will come to our reporting platform with your private link (or visit and register with own e-mail and password given by you) and see the same user interface but without most of the control elements.

At the beginning user will see only the list of reports you shared with him. All other reports will be hidden and there is no way how invited users can see any data they shouldn’t see.


The user will open the report and see the same report tab as you, but without any controls except time range and export to PDF (with PDF settings you pre-defined for your guests).

If you ticked the Allow to reveal provider checkbox, your guest will have the possibility to open the detailed view on each data set.

If not - there will be only the resulting tables with no data provider utilization.