Google Data Studio

To use a Google Data Studio visualization platform you should visit and generate your connection credentials (or get already generated ones). At the Templates tab on the same page and on our tutorial page you can see a pre-defined template, showing how to use GDS visualization capabilities with improvado report data. Feel free also to look at our video tutorial.

How to create new GDS report from template

  1. Make a copy from the template report.
  1. Add Data source for overview platforms level and delete data sources which you don’t require.
  1. Change data source for each widget on the sheet.
  1. Change filters by account_id for other sheets and also delete filters which you don’t require on tab manage filters

How to use filter for dimension data in GDS

  1. Create a new data source for example for Adwords Campaign Performance tab, using accordingly database table (adsets_raw_table_adwords)
  • Click on the current data source
  • Click button create new data source
  • Select connectors as PostgreSQL
  • Fill your credentials and connect to your database (click on a button “authenticate”)
  • Select table which you want to use (in this case we selected table “adsets_raw_table_adwords” )
  • Click button connect
  • Rename our new data source
  • Click button “Add to report”
  1. Add filter for our widget.
  • You always should use as “Date range dimension” parameter “date_yyyymmdd”

  • To add a filter you need to figure out account_id in your Google Adwords and then click on the button “Add a filter”
  • Click on the button “create filter”
  • Select account_id as a search field
  • Select equal to(=) as a condition
  • Fill example: value as your account_id for the report which you can find in your platform(Adwords, Facebook etc.) account
  • Also, you can rename filter as you want
  • To finish creating filter click save