Unite Data From Marketo & Salesforce with Improvado

Unite Data From Marketo & Salesforce in one place in real time with Improvado

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Improvado shows the complete picture from ad spend to revenue by uniting ad spend from your marketing platforms, performance data from Marketo and revenue data from Salesforce.

The Benefits of Uniting Salesforce Data with Your Marketo Data

All your data in one central hub. No more switching between multiple accounts and platforms to get access to data or tediously pulling manual reports.

  • You can tie revenue to the channel it came from (even the exact ad it came from!)
  • It's easy to calculate Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), MQL & SQL
  • Understand which reps are having the biggest impact
  • Visibility into sales velocity (how quickly are reps touching their hot marketing leads)

Extracting data

How It Works

Improvado will automatically collect and unify data from all your sources, across all channels, and produce analysis-ready datasets. Everything is stored in a data warehouse fully managed by our team. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

Combine advertising and revenue data into a visualized dashboard that paints a clearer picture of what really works. Now you can re-allocate your budget accordingly and maximize ROI.

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Preparing data

Now it's easy for anyone to get answers

A holistic and transparent representation of your sales and marketing performance. Data democratization promotes agile decision making that may have been previously restricted by departmental silos.

1 - Which channel is driving the most revenue?

2 - Which audience is converting best?

3 - Which ad content is resonating best?

Assess an entire campaign’s trajectory. Break out individual media sources, so you can spot the leaders and underperformers on the fly and re-allocate budget accordingly.

Loading data

Keeping data up to date

The Easiest And Fastest Way To Do It