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Vlog Episode 9: Types of Attribution Modeling


Once you’re in attribution you can now compare how your different marketing channels–such as Direct, Paid, Organic, Referral and many more–are interacting with each other. One of the most common models to compare your channels with is the Last Interaction model.It’s here you have the ability to determine what was the last action a prospect took before they accomplished one of your assigned goals.

If you want to see how your customers are entering your marketing funnel you can use the First Interaction model which displays what was your prospects’ initial touch point as they started their journey to becoming a customer. In any marketing funnel there are going to be multiple touch points, and Google Analytics gives you multiple ways to view this data to give you a better understanding into your conversion path. With Linear you have the ability to put equal value into every touch point your audience is making before they made a conversion. With Time Decay you can view the entire conversion path but giving more value to those touch points closer to the conversion, or you can use Position Based which gives more value to your first and last touch point while still acknowledging the other platforms your audience interacted with along the way.

With the ability to compare how your cross-channel marketing efforts are interacting with each other you get a much deeper insight into how to better allocate your budget. For example, if you ran a Facebook advertisement and a customer didn’t purchase a product on their first time visiting your site, with attribution you get a better insight into their behavior and what other sources you should give credit for converting your prospects into customers.

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