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Vlog Episode 5: The Power of Youtube

The Power of video-

With people cutting the cord on cable TV and relying solely on the internet for their news and entertainment Youtube has become one of the leading destinations for people to consume video content.Did you know that Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet? That’s right! There’s more search traffic on Youtube than either Yahoo or Bing and consumers aren’t just searching for content, they’re engaging with it.Time spent on Youtube videos has been rising by 60% year over year for the past 2 years and on mobile that number has been rising by 100%!What does this mean for marketers?Year over year Youtube has seen the number of advertisers increase by 40% and for top advertisers they’ve been increasing their ad spend by 60% over the same time period.Youtube’s reach isn’t just becoming a staple in consumer behavior but In a recent survey by Vidyard and Ascend 2 71% of marketers said they are planning to increase video marketing budget this year.Youtube’s for your company

So Youtube video consumption is becoming more popular by the day but is it right for your company?The power of Youtube video has transformed the way companies reach new audiences to find their product or service without visiting your website.According to recent report by Convertro’s report Youtube is the strongest social network to introduce a new product – Companies are using it as a way to EDUCATE their consumers.To go even further in a survey by Animoto 96% of consumers believe that video is extremely useful in learning more about a product 71% surveyed stated that “watching a video produced by a business leaves them with a positive impression of the company”. With Youtube, marketers are now learning how to incorporate video in their content marketing to better position their product in their marketing funnel and obtain customers at a faster pace.

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Watch Episode 6 here.

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