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Vlog Episode 4: Lead Optimization with CRO Tools


In today’s market you need more than a great product or service, you need to make sure your website is optimized to convert your traffic into customers. Here are some great tools that will help you boost your conversation rates and to create a greater return for your marketing.




Tip 1: Wishpond our first tool that we’ll start with where your customer starts, the landing page. Wishpond is a great tool that let’s you build, publish & A/B test your landing pages quickly. This is important because it only takes a person 5 seconds to decide whether they like your page or not and by analyzing and optimizing your audiences journey you’ll be able to boost your conversation rate and gain more customers.




Tip 2 : Google Analytics 2 is going to be your most important tool for analyzing your traffic and best of all it’s a free! With Google analyztics you’ll be able to determine how your traffic is interacting with different pages on your website by analzing your page views, unique visitors, avg time on page and bounce rate. By getting a deeper look into your websites anaytics you’ll be able to focus your energy on the specific pages that need the most improvement.




Tip 3: Crazy Egg you know the pages you need to focus on but what should you A/B test!? With CrazyEgg you get the ability to see exactly what people are doing on your website by showing heat maps of where people are clicking or scrolling through on your pages. This gives you tremendous insight into your traffic is doing what you should A/B to improve your flow and give you more convesations.


Tip 4: 5 Second Test made changes changes to your site but you’re still wanting a second opinion. With Usability Hub they give you the ability to ask a large audience for 5 secs about your landing page, logo, marketing creative and more and more to give your their insights and thoughts. This feedback will provides you with valuable information about why your traffic reacts the way it does and give you more direction in what needs to be optimized.


Tip 5: Who Is Visiting B2B marketers one great tool you can use is Who Is Visting. They allow you to see what businesses are going to your website so you can better identify “hot leads” and direct your marketing to create new customers.


Tip 6: CRO Monitor 6th tip is all about evolving and keeping up with your competition and that exactly what CRO Monitor does. CRO Monitor lets you track different websites and monitor what updates their changes. This not only gives you a competitive insight with your market but it can also give you new ideas that you can apply to your website.



Have you used any of these tools before? How do you like them? Comment below!

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