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VLog Episode 3: Why Tracking Pixels Matter.

Learn about the importance of tracking pixels in online advertising.What is a tracking pixel?A tracking pixel is a little piece of code which contains an image (1 pixel x  1pixel dimension) that should be inserted in the pages of your website to track activity.Why should you use a tracking pixel?The purpose of tracking pixels is to track performance of your ad campaigns such as clicks, purchases, sign ups, and for retargeting – basically any activity on your website can be tracked through a tracking pixel.How can you obtain a tracking pixel?If you’re planning to launch ads internally for your company, any platform you’re using (facebook, twitter, Adwords, etc.) you must install each of their tracking pixels on your website in order to track performance of each of those campaigns. However, if you launch Ads through an ad agency or a company like RTB-Media, they will generally provide you with 1 tracking pixel, and a conversion pixel which includes pixels for all different platforms and makes this process a lot more simpler!How to place a pixel on your site?The process of placing a pixel on your site is as simple as a “copy & paste” of the code into the appropriate place.2 types of pixel:1) tracking pixel: to count site visits (clicks) and for retargeting purposes should be placed on ALL pages of your website2) conversion pixel: to track a conversion activity such as “purchase” and attribute it to a specific Ad campaignEventually all of this data feeds into performance marketing stats such as: Cost per Click, Cost per Acquisition, to measure the success of your campaigns.Let our team know if you need help placing your pixels properly.-

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