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RTB-Media Improves, Simplifies and Unifies Cross-Channel Ad Performance Dashboard

RTB-Media Improves, Simplifies and Unifies Cross-Channel Ad Performance Dashboard

RTB-Media’s all-in-one dashboard empowers marketers by delivering and visualizing ad performance information across dozens of the most popular ad platforms-


San Francisco, Cal. – March 16, 2016 – RTB-Media (, the leading provider of Cross-Channel Ad Reporting Platform today released its new and improved Ad Performance Dashboard. The release enables marketers to optimize their digital advertising campaigns by consolidating campaign performance and multiple logins from different Ad platforms into a unified dashboard. Additionally, RTB-Media developed a Machine Learning Algorithm built to analyze their clients’ campaign performance and generate single click optimization tips to achieve campaign goals. The result? A dashboard with a single view into ad campaigns, and single click optimizations to ultimately drive business revenue growth.


“We found the holy grail, which is RTB-Media’s reporting tool,” said Terry Whalen, president Sum Digital. “Reporting is the core of our agency. RTB-Media’s all-in-one reporting dashboard simplifies ad platform reporting, automatically presents cross channel ad performance in an easy-to-understand online format or integrates with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. RTB-Media integrates reporting across some of our popular ad platforms, including Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other ad platforms.”


RTB-Media’s new and improved Reporting Platform gives marketers:

  • Unified Cross-Channel Ad Performance Reporting with Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Twitter, Doubleclick, Yahoo!, YouTube, Pinterest, and more with a Single Login
  • Real-Time Updates via Dashboard across all Ad Platforms
  • Automated Daily, Weekly, Monthly Easy-to-Understand Emailed Reports
  • Track Critical Metrics including Revenue, Post Click & View Conversions and Much More
  • Track Campaign Financials and other Custom Reports via Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel


“We are excited that marketers are coming to RTB-Media to simplify their ad performance reporting. This allows marketers to dedicate their precious time on making critical decisions on ad spend and ultimately improving their business performance.” said Daniel Kravtsov, CEO RTB-Media.  “Reporting on digital ad campaigns is a huge hassle because there are too many ad platforms to pull reports from and compiling and standardizing reports wastes a lot of valuable time. Not only that, in order to improve campaign performance, you must check on them regularly. We’ve built a way to alert our clients with optimization tips when our algorithm recognizes opportunities to drive efficiency.”


About RTB-Media

RTB-Media is a game-changing Cross-Channel Ad Reporting and Campaign Optimization platform, powering ad campaigns for both ad agencies and direct.  RTB-Media’s platform reports and optimizes millions in ad spend across display, search and social ad platforms, including Google, DoubleClick, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yahoo!, MediaMath, Bing, YouTube and many more.  Backed by Impulse VC, RTB-Media is privately held and based out of San Francisco, California. Please visit for more information.


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