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Product Demo: Cross-Channel Ad Reporting

This video will walk you through a demo of our reporting tool and show you how it can save you time from downloading reports from various Advertising platforms then having to manipulate the data just to be able to analyze cross-channel campaign performance.

First you’re going to log into your RTB-Media dashboard. This will take you to the connect page. You can connect through your Facebook or Google accounts, or set up as a new customer. You’ll need all the login details for the accounts you want to link up and you’ll only need to do this step once.

Lets say you want to monitor a couple Facebook campaigns, a few Twitter campaigns, Google Adwords, and some display activity via Doubleclick. All you have to do is click the connect button for each of these accounts and enter your login details.

Once you completed this step, you’ll be able to access the dashboard where you can see all the campaigns and how they are performing against each other in a client ready report.

Client Ready Reports

Here you can customize the time period for which you want to display data

Track Spend, CPC, CPA, clicks, conversions and more

Post Click conversions, and post-view. – Here you can also configure what type of conversions you want to track, multiple conversions is an option – across all platforms.

If you want to track a funnel process, you can track sign-up, then purchase and separately calculate CPA for each step.

You also have the option to track revenue from purchases so that you can calculate ROI.-

You can also take advantage of comparison charts based on customized intervals, and compare interval over interval results to track progress.

Not only will you have access to this reporting tool, you can also sign up to receive daily email updates about campaign stats!

Google Docs

And finally we’ll cover one of our most exciting features – Google Sheets customization functionality

Detailed customizable campaign reports – in this case this report views weekly data for brand vs. non-brand campaigns

Monthly report templates about all your campaigns across all platforms and in total

Daily reports to monitor changes in key metrics

Overall – Google Sheets allows you to build custom reports by tapping into RTB-Media’s API –

Once these reports are built, you can have this information dynamically populate based on whichever variables are important for you to track for your business. this means you eliminate the manual process of updating spread sheets and charts. Everything can be automated!

Contact us at support@rtb-media.me for further inquiries!

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