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Facebook API Updates, Changes, Bugs and Concerns

Facebook API Updates, Changes, Bugs and Concerns

This post provides the latest Facebook API updates, changes, bugs and concerns to keep our analytics and developer friends in the loop.

If you're working with marketing ad spend and performance data, you understand the challenges of staying on top of Facebook API updates. If you're not careful, unannounced changes in the Facebook advertising API can derail your analytics insights.

Of all the advertising platforms, Facebook's behavior can be the least predictable, taking rash actions that affect the broader ecosystem of integration partners and developers managing APIs one-off.

If your business is looking to alleviate the stress of maintaining advertising APIs, Improvado can help. Improvado aggregates data from over 150 marketing platforms, removing this burden from your engineering team. Improvado is always ahead of API updates, ensuring your data is running smoothly. Learn more here.

Recent Facebook API Update

A recent update in the Facebook and Instagram APIs has created quite a few issues for many data aggregation companies and developers who utilize the Facebook Ads API connector. Social-first agencies and companies are pretty frustrated as unsuccessful API calls lead to stale data.

The issue was caused by Facebook tightening the rate limits for their Ads Insights API globally as a countermeasure to stability issues internal to Facebook.

It was also confirmed that Facebook made these changes abruptly without any communication to the public.

Here at Improvado, we've had a number of brands and agencies move over to us in the last 2 weeks, given that our Facebook API continues to function smoothly. Learn how Improvado can improve your data aggregation process.

Upcoming Facebook API Updates

As of July 30, 2019, Facebook will release big changes to their rate limits API system which will require mandatory changes in the way Facebook Ads API is used.

This update has some serious changes that can become very complicated for companies to prepare for. It's complicated because the documentation is vague and makes it very difficult to understand exactly how it works and whether it will effect your business.

The change goes live July 30th, 2019 but companies that wanted to adopt it early had the opportunity to do so.

This change is expensive for most businesses in that it will take at least 4 engineers spending two weeks of their engineering time to prepare for this change. It will be important for your engineering team to run extensive testing and experiments to discover how this change will impact your business without creating massive bugs in your system.

API changes are a hassle to prepare for. If you’re managing APIs across multiple platforms, you can see how exorbitantly expensive this can get for your business and how taxing it can be on your engineering team.

Get ahead of this API change (and all API changes!) by connecting to Improvado for all your marketing data aggregation needs. Learn more here.


We'll continue to relay any updates related to the Facebook API connector to you.

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