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Eyeful Case Study: How This Agency Uses Improvado to Help Clients Get Better Results

Eyeful Case Study: How This Agency Uses Improvado to Help Clients Get Better Results

Eyeful is a data visualization company that helps its clients implement self-service analytics (SSA), which makes data easier to deal with. Their SSA suites help clients:

  • Simplify trend spotting and forecasting
  • Access data from a single location, making it simple and easy for everyone to check their metrics
  • Query data to answer business questions
  • Get real-time insights
  • Focus on growing the business, instead of wrangling the data

We spoke to Eyeful a bit about their experiences with data analytics, and why they chose Improvado to help fuel their business.

Why did you start looking for a marketing aggregation tool?

If you want to achieve a holistic view of your marketing performance, you have to aggregate data from all of your channels. Only then can you truly compare results and identify which areas you should optimize. We were looking for a solution that could easily do this for our clients, and Improvado delivered.

How much time internally was spent on aggregating data?

It’s possible to aggregate data manually, but the process can easily take a day or more — you have to source data from each channel and combine all of the information yourself. You can’t do it responsibly unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of time checking everything.

Since you lose the direct connection to each data source, your work is more vulnerable to calculation errors and typos. Plus, you’re back at square one whenever you need to update your results. Spreadsheets are a great tool for ad hoc data analysis, but they can’t offer any ongoing visibility into what’s happening to your business.

What marketing data problems were you looking to solve?

On top of automating data collection and aggregation, we were looking for something that worked intelligently. Improvado goes beyond mapping all of your marketing data; it also handles transformations that people don’t typically account for during manual aggregation, like time zone differences. Improvado ensures that your cross-channel activity is fully normalized and you’re measuring everything by the same standard.

Were you considering any alternative solutions? 

Most of the options on the market only supply one service or another, like ETL processing or data warehousing. But Improvado is an end-to-end marketing aggregation tool; not only does it automatically fetch and transform all of your data, but it stores it too. 

Improvado also has a competitive edge when it comes to compatibility. It can integrate with a robust (and growing!) list of reporting APIs. And if it’s missing out-of-the-box support for a specific platform, it provides a lot of reliable back-up options.

How has Improvado solved data aggregation for you?

Using Improvado is like hiring your own data engineer at a fraction of the cost. It’s an ideal solution for small companies who want to become more data-driven but lack the resources to develop their own infrastructure.

As an Improvado customer, you’re working with marketing experts who built a sophisticated data product. While it centralizes your marketing data, it also prevents event loss and transformation errors — which is a big risk with homegrown ETL and data warehousing systems.

How much time do you spend on aggregating data today?

Improvado’s automation dramatically reduces our time spent sourcing, combining, and cleaning marketing data. What once took several hours now takes less than one minute. Anyone using Improvado can integrate with APIs, map all of their data, and deploy an instance in just a few clicks.

Another advantage of Improvado is its ease of use. You have the flexibility to override their default options so it’s easy to work with any type of reporting schema.

How exactly are you using Improvado today?

Improvado basically serves as a foundation for us to build dashboards on. It aggregates, transforms, and stores our clients’ data so we can effectively visualize it all in one place.

When people set out to visualize their data, they often assume that it’s immediately ready to be visualized. But in reality, you have to make sure your data is well-organized before you can even start creating dashboards. If you don’t, you can’t expect them to work dependably and return consistent, accurate results. This is the challenge that Improvado tackles for our clients.

Are you able to quantify a lift in performance due to having all the data at your fingertips via Improvado? 

The productivity gains are immeasurable, and our clients can spend most of their time analyzing their data instead of wrangling it. Moreover, they don’t have to deal with reporting outages or errors. If any issues do arise, they are usually easy to pinpoint and resolve. 

Want to check out Improvado for yourself? Click here to get a free demo today.

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