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Domo Alternatives & Competitors

A comparison between Domo Alternatives & Competitors

Are you looking for a way to aggregate data across multiple channels into one concise and beautiful presentation?

Marketers can waste up to 50 hours a week simply collecting data across multiple campaigns only to have it outdated by the time they are done. The good news is that platforms like Domo and Domo alternatives and competitors are changing the game.

These marketing data aggregation platforms are addressing this marketing dilemma by automating the data aggregation process in real time and providing a database where it can all be viewed in one place.

But not all data aggregation is the same. Below you will find a comparison of Domo and competitors Improvado, Supermetrics, and Fivetran.

One of these 5 platforms is sure to have the integrations and custom features you are looking for. Let’s find it together!

Domo Alternatives & Competitors


What is Improvado?

Improvado is an incredibly useful tool for data aggregation that was designed by marketers for marketers. Campaign data, collected in real time, is easily accessed and viewed in automated reports and custom dashboards.

Who should use Improvado?

Anyone struggling with the time consuming process of collecting data across multiple platforms in real time and producing a concise and readable report. This platform allows marketers to free up time by doing it all and in in minimal time. Improvado is able to connect with any marketing platform. Integrations with the platform run quite deep, pulling granular data from both the keyword and ad level. All of this plays into providing the marketer with the big picture view.

Custom dashboards and integration can be built to specific specification and the final results can be viewed on the BI tool of choice, such as Tableau, Looker or on Improvado’s dashboard. The entire experience comes with outstanding customer support and is customized to fit your individual needs.


  • Simple to learn and comes with full customer support
  • Implementation is simple and does not require developers
  • Data aggregated into one destination in real time
  • Completely customizable, including custom metrics and integrations
  • Deep and granular data integrations
  • Map out data across several platforms


  • While some of the more granular features can seem complicated, customer service is excellent at helping users through any issues and building any needed custom calculations.
  • Some initial back and forth may be needed with customer support to set up dashboards and reports exactly how you want them. However, the result is a system fully customized to your needs.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado is highly customized and pricing fits specific business needs. A customer representative can give you pricing details during a call. Integrations

Improvado is set to have 500 integrations by the end of 2018. If the one you need is not currently available they will custom integrate for any additional data sources.





What is Domo?

The Domo platform specializes in data visualization and business intelligence on the executive level.

Who should use Domo?

Domo is best for C-level executives at enterprise companies as it best serves a company-wide (non-marketing specific) BI tool to create executive level dashboards.

‍The focus of Domo is business data in general rather than a focu on marketing data. Its capacity is vast when it comes to business intelligence and executive dashboards company-wide but for marketing data it has some draw backs to aggregation and visualizaiton.

Because marketing integrations are limited the connectors don't run as deeply, and the tool overall may be too expensive if looking for software to serve just the marketing team.


  • Offers more than 500 connectors across Finance, HR, IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing.
  • Ability to view real-time data in one dashboard
  • Don't need to get IT department involved in implementation


  • Not focused specifically on marketing, so marketing integrations are limiting
  • Domo is completely cloud-based, which is limiting if you store most of your data on-site.
  • You have to view your data on the Domo dashboard, you can't export it, save it as a file, or view it on the BI tool of your choice.
  • Domo is fairly secretive about their pricing and is cost prohibitive for many businesses.
  • Lack of improvement. There hasn’t been a major refresh of the platform in years, or much product innovation to speak of.
  • Requires professional help to get the reports up and running.
  • Customer support is sub-par. There are fees associated with all of the onboarding and training for the platform, which typically takes several months.
  • No database is included in the software package, you need a separate budget allocation for that.


"If you've got a lot of money and would like a powerful charting tool then this is a great solution. I don't think it completely fills your business intelligence/reporting needs though. I'm not sure how Domo runs their contract lengths, but I'd definitely recommend going month by month for a trial period before committing to a long term contract. That way you can see if their software works for you."

"Prior to investing in DOMO ensure that your data sources will allow an outside feed/API. We did find one of our EHRs would not allow this and it requires a manual process for us to feed the data to DOMO. This does not allow real-time data to be reflected in several of our reports."

Domo Marketing Integrations:

All 52+ marketing integrations can be found here.

Domo Pricing:

Domo offers a 30-day free trial before commiting to an annual subscription that varies based on the numbers of users in need of access.





What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a simple data extraction platform for marketers that pulls social, SEO, PPC, and analytics data into a single place for reporting and analysis.

Learn about the best alternatives to Supermetrics and top competitors on the market of data aggregation tools.

Who should use Supermetrics?

Designed for smaller startups, Supermetrics works well for marketers that mainly use Facebook, Adwords and Google Analytics. Data is aggregated into Google Sheets or Google Data Studio, additional options are not available. Users that end up growing or using any other channels or need any more sophisticated dashboards or visualization usually find their way to one of Supermetrics competitors. .


  • Good for extracting granular data from Facebook, Adwords, and Google Analytics.


  • They don't offer transformation. You can't map the data together across platforms, you'd have to do that manually.
  • They don't offer any visualizations.
  • They have a lot of data accuracy issues.
  • Initial setup can be difficult.
  • They don't have integrations with many BI tools. Data can only be sent to Google Sheets or Google Data Studio.
  • Google spreadsheets has a limited number of rows of data, so you'll get capped out if you need to export too many lines of data.
  • You'll need to run your own queries on top of your google sheets.
  • They claim to have 40+ integrations, but the rest of them are very basic without access to granular data.
  • Small startups can quickly outgrow the system
  • Ongoing ease of use isn't great; manual processes are required throughout
  • They don't offer a database solution


"The initial set-up is rather awkward and it can be very difficult to work out what to fix if it stops working for whatever reason."

"Overall good tool but could improve with offering more integrations."

Supermetrics Pricing:

Starting at $19 per month the platform is ideal for small startups on a tight budget, but the product is basic and lacks options or room for growth.

Supermetrics does provide different plans depending on where you send your data. The cost can add up quickly if you need to purchase any add-ons.

Supermetrics Integrations

There is no list of integrations on the website but Supermetrics claims to have 40+ integrations.





What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is for marketers interested in connecting their databases, applications, and more to a central destination from which they can view and analyze their data.

Who should use Fivetran?

Fivetran is particularly helpful with data collection and analysis for people with little to know technical knowledge. According to the company’s claims it takes only five-minutes to set up the software and there is zero maintenance. Once your data is stored in the “warehouse,” you can run queries using the software. All data stored in the platform is placed in a central hub. One of the top goals for Fivetran is to make searching and accessing the data user-simple.

We have also made a list of Fivetran's alternatives and competitors.


  • Ability make inquiries about data and get analysis
  • Search function for stored data
  • Good amount of granular data


  • The platform can be a bit buggy at times and delayed
  • Slight lack of flexibility
  • No ability to configure batch sizes for queries
  • If issues are encountered, can be difficult to find the cause without the help of customer support
  • Fivetran Pricing
  • In order to get pricing for Fivetran, you will have to contact the company. However, the platform does provide a free demo option of its tool.
  • No data visualization option
  • Full schema refresh updates can take multiple days
  • Need to know how to query


"Fantastic software easy to use and best of all not expensive. Helps you simplify what usually becomes complicated. Now I manage ETLs without having to write or keep the code.

For the meantime, Five Trans only offers one direction data sync. It would be phenomenal if it would offer a two way directional sync. However for the price, it is a great acquisition."

Fivetran Integrations

Fivetran boasts a broad array of data source connectors. A list can be viewed here.





Finding the right data aggregation platform to monitor your multiple marketing campaigns is essential. Finding one that is simple to use, frees your time so you can work on other projects, has great customer support, is customizable, and integrates well while allowing for growth will set you up for success! It’s time to take a closer look at Domo, Improvado, Supermetrics, Tapclicks, and Fivetran. Which of these platforms meets your specific needs?

Our recommendation: Improvado

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