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Data-Driven Advertising For Beginners

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that 2016 is shaping up to be “The Year of Data-Driven Marketing”. It was hyped up at CES last month and continues to be of upmost importance to the marketing world.-

So why is 2016 slated to be the break out year for Data-Driven advertising? Well, for one, according to a global report published by Media Math, almost 70% of global marketers plan on increasing their budgets against data-driven marketing expenditures this year. Of the marketers who are already employing data-driven tactics, 50% reported returns on their investments, which subsequently is leading to the increased budgets. But more than that, this type of advertising in particular is what consumers are now accustomed to as well as what they expect. As we mentioned in our previous Vlog about marketing trends, people want personalization. Because of this, almost all advertising campaigns now include some kind of data-driven tactics or strategies in order to learn about their consumers and potential customers.

Data-Driven tactics include tapping into providers such as Blue Kai, Exelate, Mastercard, Datalogix, just to name a few. There are hundreds of thousands of data segments that can be accessed and married with real-time bidding platforms, such as RTB-Media, to efficiently reach your audience.


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IAB (The Interactive Advertising Bureau) does a great job of explaining how all this happens. Basically, whenever a user is on the Internet, their cookies are placed on their computer based on their browsing habits. This data helps advertisers reach people based on their favorite websites, buying habits and many more personality and behavioral factors that belong to your target audiences. All of this data feeds into forming the segments, which advertisers can then target with highly relative product placements.  In order to find the highest converting audience, you should test out a number of segments until you find the ones that work best for you.


Using the latest data-driven technology and advertising tactics, businesses can now ensure they provide useful and personalized brand experiences about the products and services that matter most to your audiences.


How have you included data-driven ads in your digital marketing campaigns?



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