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Brands You Know in 2016 Through Digital Marketing

To get noticed by the jaded masses, brands are going above and beyond to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by their ever-elusive consumers. Many brands are turning to digital marketing tactics to make noise without breaking the bank–as costly traditional advertising campaigns tend to do.

In 2015, a few brands in particular unleashed their creativity and used cutting-edge digital marketing tactics to put their brand on the map. Do Fujifilm, Blue Apron, and Magic Leap sound familiar to you? Well after the year they had in 2015, they should.

We’re taking a look inside each company’s respective digital marketing to see what got them from a “Never heard of it” brand to a “Yeah they’re cool” success.


It’s been a long time since Polaroids have been top of mind for the general population (apart from Outkast’s brief revival). But with companies wising up to the nostalgia trend that millennials have been responding to, the retro, analog photography aesthetic has made a comeback.

While Fujifilm is not a new company–founded in Japan back in 1934–the brand was virtually unknown in Europe or the U.S. prior to 2015, when Fujifilm Instax began making waves.-

Targeting for Instax cameras changed from professionals and adults to young adults and teens. They began selling in popular stores such as Urban Outfitters, and featuring retro filters and colors that appeal to the “selfie generations”.  Fujifilm relies heavily on social media, counting on digital marketing to better reach a younger audience, and it’s been working.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.53.46 PM

Fujifilm’s Instax’s North America Instagram account alone has 62,500 followers, gaining popularity through the #MyInstax campaign which tags the company in Instax-related photos. Its Facebook following is even larger, coming in at over 145,000. Across the internet, they’ve been featured on Mashable, multiple times on Buzzfeed, and Gizmodo.

All that digital traction has paid off. According to an article on the Wall Street Journal, around 5 million instant-film cameras are expected to have sold this year, with no signs of slowing down.


Blue Apron

Not even 4 years old, Blue Apron is a social media powerhouse. Delivering recipes and fresh ingredients to its subscribers, Blue Apron provides recipients with not only nourishment, but, as the initial 20 beta testers discovered, beautiful food photo-ops.

This inherent marketing opportunity spawned popular social media accounts (195k on Instagram, 41.2k on Twitter, over a million Facebook followers), and great responsiveness from subscribers who share photos and add the hashtag #blueapron.

The startup brand continues to grow, now with 2,500 employees, and a $2 billion valuation made in June of 2015. The source of this growth is in big part, as CEO and co-founder Matt Salzberg has explained, due to word of mouth and social media, through which it has formed a cooking community.


Magic Leap

We may not have actual hover boards in 2016, but very soon we will have something that looks like this:

Without an existing product, Magic Leap, a Florida startup developing an impressive (and secretive) mixed reality device, captured the interest of the world…and corporate giants.  In a record “C” round, Magic Leap raised $793.5 million, valuing the company at $4.5 billion post-money.

What did it take? Great digital marketing by way of some incredible, viral online video. With millions of views on YouTube, Magic Leap quickly gained attention on Reddit, and news outlets. Truly phenomenal progress for something that is not in the market yet. Still, such success is not so hard to comprehend when faced with images like:

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.39.50 AM


We want to hear from you!

What brands have you seen use digital media tactics to gain visibility, and what were those tactics?



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