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About AdRoll

AdRoll is a retargeting and prospecting platform for advertisers.

Publishes cross-channel ad campaigns to over 500 ad exchanges, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
Has proprietary real-time bidding algorithm, so you don’t overpay for ad space or placement.
Offers prospecting tool so you can find and market to new audiences who match your current ones.
Allows for automation and high data portability.


About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a retargeting and prospecting platform for advertisers.

Google Analytics is typically used for essential website analytics, but also offers analytics for mobile apps. For websites you can get a lot of great data by simply adding the Google Analytics snippet to your site so that it loads with all of your pages.

With that in place, all your page views, traffic sources, and visitor data like device and location are collected automatically. However in order to collect more detailed information like what people are doing on a page, E-commerce data, or user attributes, you’ll need to install custom code hooks into your site.

Google Analytics implementations are not simple, because you or a developer will need to learn the details of the Google Analytics API methods and data format to make sure things work correctly.

Mobile tracking works very similarly in that it has out-of-the-box features that get you a lot of great data, but any custom or E-commerce events need to be tracked manually.

  • Pulls and Maps engagement metrics from AdSense, DoubleClick AdExchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers so advertisers can analyze cross-platform data with a few clicks

  • Pools real-time site information for a comprehensive view into user acquisition, audience demographics, user behavior flow, and completed conversion goals

  • Expected Google Analytics data. A custom dataset that contains metrics and dimensions selected during the setup process.

Connect Google Analytics in minutes

Connecting Google Analytics to Improvado is simple and straightforward:

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That’s it! Google Analytics is now connected and your data will flow into your visualization tool!



“Improvado allows us to focus on building our analytics infrastructure without worrying about managing the data pipeline.”

Amauri Campos
VP of Marketing at Kuna

Aside from strategic optimizations, one major impact on success was the use of the API aggregation platform, Improvado. 

Vincent Chevalier
CEO, Impulse Analytics

"Improvado has changed the way we help our clients by allowing us to focus more on strategy and less on manual tasks."

Salar Salahshoor
Founder and CEO at OnlySky

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