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About AdRoll

AdRoll is a retargeting and prospecting platform for advertisers.

Publishes cross-channel ad campaigns to over 500 ad exchanges, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google.
Has proprietary real-time bidding algorithm, so you don’t overpay for ad space or placement.
Offers prospecting tool so you can find and market to new audiences who match your current ones.
Allows for automation and high data portability.


About Google Adwords

The most common AdWords function is to configure a website to trigger conversions and tag visitors for re-marketing.

Each conversion or retargeting event requires a different code snippet to be created in AdWords and installed into the user site.

AdWords assumes conversions and retargeting tags are page views, so getting these AdWords events to fire based off a user event other than page load can be challenging.

  • Improvado.io provides an easy-to-use mapping interface so you can use your existing track events to trigger conversions and re-marketing tags.

  • Improvado.io allows you to use your existing Business Intelligence tools.

Connect Adwords in minutes

Connecting Google Analytics to Improvado is simple and straightforward:

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That’s it! Google Analytics is now connected and your data will flow into your visualization tool!



“Improvado allows us to focus on building our analytics infrastructure without worrying about managing the data pipeline.”

Amauri Campos
VP of Marketing at Kuna

Aside from strategic optimizations, one major impact on success was the use of the API aggregation platform, Improvado. 

Vincent Chevalier
CEO, Impulse Analytics

"Improvado has changed the way we help our clients by allowing us to focus more on strategy and less on manual tasks."

Salar Salahshoor
Founder and CEO at OnlySky

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