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Ad Reporting Platform

All-in-one dashboard

Saves you from logging into all different Ad platforms (social, search, display) for updates on campaign performance.
Receive cross-channel alerts and optimization advice in your inbox.
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Widget Constructor

Customize your reports with over a dozen different visualization options.

Create pie charts, line graphs, tables, stats overview, or upload your own CSV files, images, and PDFs.

No matter how you want to slice-and-dice your cross-platform data, we have the perfect widget for you.

Performance Details

Calculate Performance Metrics Automatically.

Choose how you want to calculate conversions from Google Analytics or from Native Ad platforms, and the reporting tool will calculate everything for you.

Google Sheet integration

Create additional custom reports in any format directly in Google Sheets. Templates are readily available.

Combine your favorite reports with real-time data.

Additional Features

Create additional custom marketing reports directly on Google Sheets. Templates are readily available.

Use your own templates with real-time data.

Daily Reports Email

Daily reports delivered directly to your inbox.

Choose frequency of report delivery (daily, weekly, etc.)

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White Label Client Portal

Present your selves your way!

Make our tool your own with our white label service.
Let users sign in to a system with your colors and logos, and let them explore their data on your platform.

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