How to change Data Source in Tableau

Each dashboard is connected to a separate table, and each table will need to be re-mapped to your data. Follow this procedure for each of the tabs in the workbook.

The sheets which comprise each view are hidden by default.You can right-click on any of the tabs to unhide all sheets within.

Alternately if you hover over any of the views in the dashboard, an arrow will appear in the top right to go to that sheet.

Once on the worksheet, note which table is connected—it will have a blue checkmark over its icon. In this case, the table is adsets_raw_table_adwords. In parenthesis is the database the table is contained in.

1. Click the icon for New Data Source.

2. Select PostgreSQL under the To a Server section. It may be hidden under the More… button.

3. Enter the login credentials provided by Improvado, check the box for Require SSL, and click the Sign In button.

1. Select the table which was noted earlier (for this dashboard: adsets_raw_table_adwords)

2. Drag the table here.

Once the table is connected, return to the worksheet by clicking on its tab

You should now see your new table here. The text inside the parenthesis will match your database’s ID. In this case, we have connected to the same demonstration database, so Tableau appended a (2) to the table name.

Now we will remap the worksheet to reference this new data source. In the Menu Bar, click on Data and Replace Data Source.

Ensure that the Current data source is the correct one for this worksheet and select the Replacement data source, which should match the Current data source. Click OK.

1. The blue check mark should now appear over the icon for your replacement data source.

2. Click on the dashboard’s tab to return to that view.

All views in the dashboard should now be updated to your own data.
Click on the next dashboard and repeat this procedure to remap each table for all dashboards.