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2016 Case Study

Increased Installs by 35% and decreased
Cost Per Install by 39% year over year


Remind is the leader of classroom communication with 1 in 3 K-12 schools in the U.S. using the Remind iOS/Android app. The app offers a safe and simple way for teachers to communicate with students and parents. They partnered with Impulse Analytics, a San Francisco-based agency specializing in scaling startups. In 2015, Impulse Analytics maximized awareness and drove down their Cost Per Install by 18% as well as multiplied their conversions by two times.


After a successful campaign in 2015, Impulse Analytics was tasked to drive the costs down even further while still increasing the volume of installs during a condensed time period.


Impulse Analytics used Facebook’s in depth audience targeting to connect with teachers. Impulse was able to build upon learnings from the previous campaign and optimize the campaign by iterating faster copy and targeting with a strengthen analytics infrastructure. Additionally, by using the Android Universal Campaign, they were able to increase spend and ramp up more quickly.

Vincent Chevalier

Impulse Analytics, CEO

“Aside from strategic optimizations, one major impact on success was the use of the API aggregation platform, Improvado. This tool allowed Impulse Analytics to aggregate data from multiple acquisition channels (Facebook, Google, etc...) fast, leading to more optimization opportunities. With the help of Improvado, we could have more benchmarks and comparisons to drive strategy. We easily tracked campaign performance on a daily basis through a detailed automated spreadsheet report and could deliver critical learnings and next steps recommendations to Remind twice a week.”


 Vs 2015

Conner Pierson

Remind, Growth Marketing Lead

“I've been lucky to work with Impulse Analytics, on a seasonal acquisition campaign over two years and was impressed not only with the results but with their thoughtfulness in helping scope new acquisition channels and willingness to unpack results to ensure they aligned with the longer term impact of introducing these users to the product.

One example included pausing what initially appeared to be a successful campaign at the surface level in order to define a new optimization strategy that brought in much more qualified users in the long run.”

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